Unveiling Our Commitment To Innovation

01 — OUR PRODUCTSOur Suite of Cutting-Edge AI Products


02 — INNOVATIONSAI Solutions For A Elevated Lifestyle

Personalized AI

Complete Privacy

Seamless Device Integration

Ultra-Fast Home Automation

Voice Recognition

Swift and Offline Voice Assistant

“This home application is really impressive! It is very easy to use and makes me feel High-Tech!”

Valeria K., App Tester

“RoomsAI is a game-changer when it comes to smart home technology.”

Natalia B., App Tester

“If you could train an AI to be a Buddhist, it would probably be pretty good.”

Reid Hoffman, Entrepreneur

03 — EXPERTISEEmpowering a Better World Through Smart Home Technologies


We believe that the future of smart homes lies in the integration of AI, and we are committed to leading the charge in this exciting new era. Join us as we redefine the possibilities of smart home living, leveraging the power of technology to create homes that are not just connected but truly intelligent.

Offline Voice Assistant

With our Offline Voice Assistant, you can enjoy the convenience of voice commands while maintaining complete control over your data and privacy

Zero Cabling

Our cutting-edge system utilizes the latest Zigbee and WiFi protocols, eliminating the need for messy, outdated wiring.

Economic Price

Discover the perfect blend of affordability and premium quality with RoomsAI. Our products offer a comprehensive suite of smart home solutions without the hefty price tag.

Optional Cloud Use

Our intelligent system offers the best of both worlds – local control for maximum privacy and security, and optional cloud connectivity for remote access when you need it

RoomsAI is united by a common thread of cutting-edge technology. Each model boasts a host of advanced capabilities that work seamlessly together, enabling smarter and more efficient living

Voice Recognition

Experience smart home automation at your command with RoomsAI’s customizable offline voice assistant, offering enhanced privacy and intelligent voice recognition for seamless control.

Facial Recognition

Advanced biometric recognition capabilities enable our products to identify residents, pets, and visitors with precision, providing an extra layer of security for homeowners.

Natural Language Processing

Our innovative AI products are designed to offer an unparalleled level of convenience. With built-in voice communication, you can interact with the system using your own voice, making it easy to manage your smart home without lifting a finger.

Optional Cloud Use

Our meticulously designed app offers users the flexibility to utilize cloud services only when necessary for remote access. This approach ensures optimal performance and enhanced privacy by limiting cloud dependency and maintaining local control of your smart home ecosystem.

Integration of All Smart Devices

Our AI products are designed to be the ultimate home automation hub. They seamlessly integrate with all smart devices in your home network, providing a single, streamlined interface that puts you in control of your entire smart home ecosystem.